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Insights 4th March 2024

Talent Acquisition Tracker 2024

2023 brought us a tech paradox: 240,000 job losses vs. soaring tech talent demand. What does 2024 hold? Find out in our exclusive report. What it covers: Actionable Insights: Drawn from extensive Elements proprietary data as well as LinkedIn data,

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Insights 18th December 2023

Elements Predicted TA Trends for Tech Roles in 2024

In the ever-evolving world of talent acquisition (TA), staying ahead of the curve is crucial to building a strong and sustainable workforce that will fuel business success. 2023 was far from smooth sailing for tech professionals across industries. However, even

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Insights 14th March 2023

Embedded Talent Consultancy: The Cost-Effective Recruitment Solution for Your Business

As businesses continue to grow and expand, the need for top talent becomes increasingly important. Finding and retaining the best talent is a critical factor for success, yet many companies struggle to find the right recruitment solution. This is where

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Insights 29th November 2022

Succession Planning: Beat the UK Skills Shortage And Plan For The Future

Have you ever heard the saying “Fail to plan, plan to fail”? Well, it turns out that this age-old adage rings especially true for UK businesses when it comes to succession planning. As recent reports have shown, the UK is

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Insights 10th November 2022

Why Gender Equality In Your Workplace Is Important: Part Two

And so to Part Two…In our last article we considered the economic and societal reasons as to why gender equality in your workplace is so important. We discussed some compelling statistics on the effects to the wider world and communities

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Insights 26th October 2022

How To Do More With Less: Creating A Cost-Effective Talent Pipeline During Economic Turbulence

The perennial challenge of any recruitment team in the current hiring market is how to improve recruitment services whilst battling talent shortages and rising prices. In short – how to do more with less. No one likes to waste money,

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Insights 20th October 2022

Why Gender Equality In Your Workplace Is Important: Part One

According to the World Bank’s 2022 ‘Women, Business and Law’ report, just 12 countries in the world have the same legal rights for men and women. Just 12. As a country that’s boasted equal pay laws since 1970 and as

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Insights 18th October 2022

Increasing Gender Diversity In Business with Gender Equity

Yes, we’re talking about gender equity, not just gender equality. Because the latter can only truly be realised when efforts are made to provide the former. Business leaders making the right decision to achieve a gender diverse workforce will need

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Insights 13th October 2022

How Companies Can Better Support Women

The benefits of having an inclusive workforce that empowers all genders, races and lifestyle choices, have been acknowledged by business leaders globally. No matter the industry, businesses that closely resemble a broader society in their workforce tend to be more

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Insights 12th October 2022

4-Day Work Weeks? If You Want to Attract Top Talent, Money and Culture are Not Enough, Here’s Why

In the wake of the pandemic, employees around the world have begun to re-evaluate their priorities and values. For many, the traditional 9-5 work week is no longer feasible or desirable. And, to attract and retain top talent, employers need

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Insights 4th October 2022

Leave the Tech Industry to the Men? We Don’t Think So!

For too long have the corridors of tech power been locked off to women, and in 2022, the winds of workforce change are blowing. The tech industry is going through what can only be described as a reckoning. The global

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Insights 23rd September 2022

Dig Deep – Mining for Talent: Where are the Diamonds of the Tech Industry and How do you Find Them?

The current market for tech talent is a uniquely challenging one. There are reports of increased redundancies and cancelled vacancies, signalling an economic slowdown. And yet at the same time, companies are having a difficult time finding the people they

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