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Talent Acquisition Tracker 2024

Insights 4th March 2024
Talent Acquisition Tracker 2024

2023 brought us a tech paradox: 240,000 job losses vs. soaring tech talent demand. What does 2024 hold? Find out in our exclusive report.

What it covers:

  • Actionable Insights: Drawn from extensive Elements proprietary data as well as LinkedIn data, our report unveils the four pillars essential for navigating the tech talent realm: Security, Flexibility, Adaptability, and Inclusivity.
  • Industry Trends: Understand the dynamics of tech layoffs and the increasing demand in non-tech sectors.
  • Future of Work: From the rise of remote roles to the critical skill gaps in AI, see what’s shaping tech careers and how flexibility and adaptability are more crucial than ever.
  • Diversity in Tech: Explore how gender diversity is evolving in tech roles, highlighting the progress and the journey ahead.

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  • Gain strategic insights to refine recruitment and retention.
  • Understand how to meet the demands for flexibility and adaptability in the tech sector.
  • Access data-driven strategies to enhance inclusivity within your teams.

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