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Setting a new standard for the talent industry

We’re not your typical recruitment agency or RPO. Recognising the limitations of these models for employers seeking a much more holistic approach to hiring top global talent, Elements was founded to bring a radically new operating model to the forefront of the industry, ensuring that the relationship between client and talent partner is truly collaborative and personal.

Since 2014, we have been using the Embedded model to pave the way for powerful talent acquisition solutions. By embedding in-house talent partners into your business, we can immerse ourselves in your company’s vision and ways of working. We can experience your challenges first-hand and gain a deep understanding of your hiring pain points, putting the right framework in place so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

Talent acquisition solutions that help you grow

Absorbing your company culture, our expert talent partners will work with you to convey your value proposition accurately and effectively so that you attract a calibre of clients that are culturally aligned with your business. Working in conjunction with your hiring managers and senior leaders, we will set you up for long-term success by implementing a bespoke hiring process that is repeatable, flexible and scalable.

We are able to support you through every stage of the talent lifecycle and help optimise your existing frameworks to achieve success. Our experts will make strategic recommendations and offer insightful guidance on how to build a strong employer brand within your target candidate market. We pride ourselves on our human-centric talent acquisition solutions and our teams are skilled in engaging positively with passive candidates.

The Three Pillars of Embedded


We’re only interested in achieving the best outcomes for our partners. To do this, we work with them in the spirit of true partnership, physically embedded within their organisation.


We leverage our deep knowledge of international passive candidate markets & leading tech to identify, engage and often relocate top talent from around the world.

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Our people are the difference

With an innate feeling for what makes people tick, and trained for industry and domain expertise, our people have a true consultancy mindset. We’ve crafted a culture for performance that sets us apart from the talent industry.

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