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Emerging Hiring Trends That You Should Pay Attention To

Hiring Trends 25th January 2023
Emerging Hiring Trends That You Should Pay Attention To

In today’s business climate, it’s more important than ever to stay up-to-date on the latest hiring trends. By paying attention to emerging trends, you can ensure that your company is ahead of the curve when it comes to attracting top talent. Here are three hiring trends that you should keep an eye on.

The rise of the gig economy – more and more people are freelancing or working part-time jobs

Nowadays, the idea of embedded talent acquisition is exceptionally popular; many companies are leveraging the rise of the gig economy by recruiting freelancers and in-house consultants to reach their business goals. This approach has become especially prevalent as organisations have increasingly started to see the value of bringing in specialised skill sets as it allows them to remain agile and flexible. By tapping into a wide range of flexible solutions, organisations can acquire multiple skills while managing headcount costs and fixed operational investments. Embedded talent acquisition helps companies source talent in an efficient manner, putting them on track towards achieving long-term growth objectives.

The importance of soft skills – with technology taking over many tasks, employers are looking for people who are good at communication, problem solving, and critical thinking

The modern workplace is changing: as technology takes over many tasks and processes, employers are now searching for people with creative problem-solving skills. Soft skills such as communication, organisation, critical thinking and innovation are highly sought after character traits that can be used to distinguish one candidate from another. These soft skills create the foundation for creative problem solving. Companies need out of the box thinkers, who can identify problems quickly and come up with creative solutions to the challenges facing their business. This mindset allows a business to consider new solutions and combine existing elements in unique ways, making them invaluable to employers who are seeking to innovate and continuously improve their ways of working. In an increasingly digitised world, having a strong set of soft skills has never been more important for success in the workplace.

The need for diversity – with an increasingly globalised world, companies are looking for employees who can bring different perspectives and experiences to the table

The need for diversity goes far beyond simply hiring from varied backgrounds and cultures. Diversity plays a key role in creativity, innovation and even neurodiversity – our ability to think differently depending on our unique experiences and abilities. By having a diverse range of perspectives at their disposal, companies are better equipped to anticipate challenges and create dynamic solutions. A snapshot of different viewpoints fueled by neurodiversity can elevate an organisation by diversifying the decision-making process and creating a more inclusive culture. As such, companies are looking to employ individuals who bring with them these essential qualities which provide tangible business value. Find out more about neurodiversity recruitment by reading our article ‘Neurodiversity Recruitment: Adapting Your Hiring Programme‘.

The war for talent – with so many companies competing for top talent, it’s important to stand out from the crowd by offering creative reward and benefits packages

The war for talent is becoming increasingly competitive and organisations must evolve to stay ahead. With the demand for top-level candidates exceeding the availability, companies need to take decisive steps to personalise their employee value proposition (EVP). It goes without saying that offering competitive salaries and benefits packages is a great first step in attracting good talent. However, personalising the EVP for each worker will set you apart from other employers as it ensures that employees feel valued and respected, leading to greater engagement and retention of your best workers. Long gone are the days where salary was the sole factor determining an employee’s job satisfaction; personalisation of EVPs should be central to any organisation’s recruitment strategy.

With the rise of the gig economy and the increasing importance of soft skills, it’s more important than ever to make sure your company is attractive to top talent. Offer competitive reward and benefits packages, and look for employees who can bring different perspectives and experiences to the table.

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